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getjessfit Weight before;  132lbs (9 stone 6lbs) current Weight; 125lbs (8 stone 13lbs) I am not weighing myself nor do I care what the scales say anymore! Its all about healthy eating; cutting down on bad foods, eating fruit veg and a lot of protein as well as 30 Day Shred and a variety of cardio and now doing weight training! 
brokeandbadass YES! I reached my goal weight! I’m 5’7 and with diet and exercise, I lost 17lbs in 6 months (I had a LOT of cheat days), going from 154lbs (70kg) to 137 (62kg).  I feel SO awesome! :)
keep-calm-get-skinny: 12 more pounds to go until my UGW!  Started at 33% body fat and now I’m down to 20%.  Hoping to reach my goal by the holidays!
cageofbones I haven’t been very active in posting… But I’m still always lurking. Thought I’d share a progress photo. I do not run nearly as much as I used too, but I still keep a decent grasp on my calorie intake.  20 more pounds to go and I’m there baby! 
I’ve submitted before so I won’t go into a huge intro, but these are my most recent progress shots. May 2012 - Sept 2012. I’m 5’ 3” and 22. There’s more pictures on tumblr that show my true progress :)
xx-emmakate: Sometimes I feel like I’ve made absolutely no progress, and then I look through old photos. 09vs now. There’s even a difference from last December. I’m proud of my hard work, and it has definitely paid off.
illseeyousoonthen I was one of those people that never really realised how big I was until  I saw pictures. I started my weight loss journey early January this year, and I’ve lost over 30kg (over 66 pounds). This was a big change for  me. I’m in the healthy weight range and I always plan to be. I’m almost at my UGW, but not quite there yet.. Slow and steady wins the race :) Happy to answer any questions you guys have at <3
keep-calm-get-skinny: Frontal progress from March to now. I wasn’t even at my heaviest on the left, I had already lost 10 lbs when I had taken that photo. I started my journey in February 2012.I’m 12 pounds away from my UGW and pretty excited. :)
fear—loathing: When I am having bad self-esteem days, I make photos like this so I can remember how far I’ve come.
letsgetskinnyxx: ohsoooohealthy: What tha holy shit…is this even possible..? wow. 


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dobrá inspirace :-)

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